Wokhead.com is no more

I am sorry to announce that I have quit World of Kings. While the 2.0 update was quite good, I feel like I kept playing the game just for the sake of playing it. Since the game loop is always the same day after day with no variation at all, this just ends up to be a colossal waste of time. The constant need to progress your character puts pressure on me I just don't want in my life anymore.

Since I can't possibly write news on a game I no longer play, this website is shut down. Why shut down instead of just keep it running without new posts? Because World of Kings progresses so information will be outdated. It already is, but over time this will become worse so this site won't good for anybody.

Thank you for a good time. Have fun.

P.S. The server activity page will still be updated for at least a good while.